The Best Way to Terminate an Employee-The Pink Slip

The Best Way to Terminate an Employee-The Pink Slip

Termination discussions are never too easy, but when there are poor performers in your firm you are forced to take any action to save your venerable time and cost of holding on to poor employees. One can never find a pleasant way to terminate an employee.  Many of us don’t know the best approach to deal with such issues. Termination today is essential part of business; however when firing an employee, you should never terminate on no ground basis else you might be in hot waters have to face illegal issue. When you talk of successful termination you mean that the employee moves out of the organization on a positive note.

Talk, Conversation is the key.

There must be a conversation with the employee, remember conversation is always a two way process. You must summarize your expectations and the company’s goals and requirements. If the employees are not performing well, you need to inform them about their issue beforehand. It is unethical to terminate an employee without informing or warning them about their poor performance; this will motivate them and give them a chance to improve. If you are leading a major layoff, than you must inform each employee 60 days in advance.


Keep it short

When firing an employee you must have the Direct Supervisor to terminate the employee, it is ideal that the manager must announce the termination the employee. One of the key factors is that the employer must be honest, every employee expects another chance, and thus you should be prepared to satisfy them well. Be honest, and avoid use such statements “This was job elimination and had nothing to do with your performance.” Usually when we deal with termination meeting or bad new meeting we should keep it short and to the point. One must not be sorry for the termination unnecessary.

Listen to your employee

As an employer you must be a good listener. Let the employee speak out, mean while take care of the length of the meeting. The employee must be given a chance to choose when he wants to collect his belongings.

terminating-an-employee-checklist.jpgExplaining the Decision

Termination must always be justifiable with previous given warning or rules of the firm.

  1. Handle the Paperwork
  2. Be Prepared, Termination meeting are always stressful, thus you must prepare yourself before.
  3. Time the Event Carefully
  4. Pick a Neutral Site
  5. Have the Direct Supervisor
  6. Be Honest
  7. Never Lose Your Cool
  8. Keep it Short
  9. Let the Employee Vent
  10. Explain Their Benefits

Firing an employee on a positive note is the best sign of successful termination meeting. In some circumstances, smaller gestures are best suited. In the End you should wish your employee good luck in his future.


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