10+ Best Wedding photographers in Pakistan

Top 10 old wedding photographers in Pakistan

Wedding is the most exciting day of life for many people around the family, Kids love to play with each other all the eve while, the ladies are busy preparing for clothes, arrangements, Mehndi and getting themselves ready for the day. And parents are excited for their Son/Daughter’s marriage.  Hence, almost every member of the family, including the bride and the groom, is extremely throughout the event. With the month’s preparations, discussions of different creative ideas for the eve’s decoration, clothing, entrance and many such plans, everyone wants these special moments to be captured and store beautifully.

In order to Store the moment that we often tends to miss out during the busy day, the moments that we all we cherish for many years, we look for the best photographers who are trained and experience, so that they can come up with better technology and creative ideas to make the best of the day. Although you might find many young talented teams who are coming up with great projects and you can read some good review about them, but still you are little skeptical as you don’t personally know them.

Here you will find out a list of top photographers who are experienced and have built up their fame working in this industry and list of freelance photographer who are creative and working hard to achieve their spot in the industry with their honest and creative skill.  Both of the lists will help you choose the best artists within your budget. Their inspiring work and awe inspiring angles will leave you mesmerizing the beauty of the moment.

Abdul Samad Zia Weddings


Fine Art Wedding By Irfan Ahson


Sudios Aahad


OPM Photographer


Shahnawaz Studio


Afzal Studio






Asad Farooq


Studio 9


WSSA photo


Now you have the top 10 list of photographers in different cities of Pakistan. These photographers can also travel to handle your assignments if dates are booked in advance. You can easily Google them or look for their contact numbers from their official Facebook pages, where they have shared portfolio of their past work.

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