Reports, Presentation and Proposals



Presentation Design

Your content + our creativity = presentation design with impact

Making a presentation is an Art as well as Science. We  are proficient in both, we know how to put best in front of the audience through storytelling, animation, data representation, graphs & figures. Get the Best team of expert Presentation designers for designing your PowerPoint presentation or Prezi. Redesign of existing PowerPoint or designing of new business PPT, you can relay our expertise in presentation designing.

  • Micro Businesses
  • SMB
  • Corporate Businesses
  • Brand/Pitch/Launch Presentation




If you are a sports team, athlete, race car driver, concert promoter, event and festival promoter or other organization; we know that you rely on corporate sponsorship to support your operational budget. We also know that your sponsorship proposal is your most important business document. It must be professionally done and clearly promote the value you bring to your potential sponsor’s marketing plan. Your proposal must be stunningly attractive and to the point.

We can create your sponsorship proposal as a single item or as part of a Customized Document Package.  Packages are designed to meet your budgetary requirements.  Each package offers features that accomplish your goals while providing the quality you need for success.
  1. Proposal Package #1: Sponsorship proposal single item document.
  2. Proposal Package #2: Sponsorship proposal document with added features (depending on your budget)
    1. Logo Sticker Placement for your cars
    2. Team/Athlete/Event Logo designed by our graphic designer
    3. Sponsorship agreement sample documents for use in negotiating sponsorship contracts
    4. Business card and letterhead/envelope designs/T-Shirts
  3. Proposal Package #3: Stunning sponsorship booklet




  • Get A Business Plan Investors Can’t Resist

We are one of few professional business plan consulting firms offering performance packages for custom business plans, including financial plan, from basic models to more complex models. We are able to offer business plan consulting even for large scale market. You can choose the report as per your requirement:

  1. Assistance
  2. Mini
  3. Regular
  4. Enterprise/Complex
  • All the financials are calculated for you
  • If you ever get stuck, we’ll help you out
  • Get a Polished Business Plan That Will Impress Lenders
  • Get your plan as a PDF or Word doc so you share it easily